I simply want you to know that in my 40 plus years of sales, and attending countless National Sales Meetings, never have I been so impressed with the message coming from the Speaker retained to “motivate” the sales team.
— Ellis Richardson

Swimming the english channel
sA Dream Plus A Plan Becomes A Goal

Anthony McCarley shares his story of how a boyhood dream to swim the English Channel coupled with a successful career as an executive provide insight into real-life issues that all employers and employees face.  

As the CEO of a successful startup company, on August 14th 2013, Anthony also became the 59th person over the age of 50 to swim the English Channel.  Anthony tells a captivating story of extracting success from failure and how he overcame numerous challenges along the way.

Throughout the presentation, Anthony outlines the most significant moments of the pursuit of his dream while paralleling them to challenges that every individual and team grapples with, such as:

  • How to react when things go wrong.
  • How to overcome doubts and other obstacles.
  • How to accomplish a goal you believe impossible. 

Participants will also gain an understanding of the importance of precise communications, implementing an agile plan, taking action, and accepting ownership of results.  Anthony concludes with an inspirational challenge to accept failure, be thankful, and share in success.

We believe the path he took to success can be taught.

Customizable Keynote

Anthony's diverse background in both corporate and startup business environments, as well as his swimming achievements can translate to almost any situation. Whatever your specific needs may be, McCarley International will build a tailored message to inspire and motivate your group. 


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