The McCarley Experience

I think of Anthony as my “CEO Whisperer”. Anthony has helped me develop the right mindset and processes to execute on behalf of the shareholders and employees


Marvin Cadwell
hief Executive Officer

I consider Anthony to be one of the most thorough and responsive individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Seldom do I have the opportunity to work with anyone that has the breadth of consideration and observation when evaluating a situation and how it will impact all levels of an organization.


George Krusen
Chief Financial Officer

Anthony has a passion for leadership and coaching. He makes you ask the tough questions of yourself, evaluate the actions you took and project what the response should have been to achieve the desired outcome.

As a leader, Anthony is very focused on talent development and future growth strategies. His coaching has instilled a discipline in me to set goals and subsequently plan, evaluate and set priorities to achieve those goals.
I would absolutely recommend Anthony.


Martin Klein
Chief Financial Officer

Anthony has shown superhuman persistence and an unbelievable dedication...the way he analyzes and gets to the core of what needs to be done and how he makes sure that all of it is understood and brought into context is exemplary. Experiencing it has been exceptional and I feel honored and lucky that I have met him.

Gina Buggy
Director of Athletics

My experience working with Anthony has been completely energizing


Nick Gannon

Deputy Athletic Director

Anthony has made an impact on our organization beyond what I thought a performance improvement coach could do. Working with him has both energized me and organized my approach. He has a unique ability to translate our conversations into courses of action. He’s available whenever I need him and cares deeply about our success.