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McCarley International strides to guide executives, organizations, business owners, and other who want accomplish great things. Our engaging keynote speeches are the perfect fit for sales teams, annual conferences, or leadership conferences communicating any or all of the following themes:





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Swimming The English Channel


Anthony McCarley shares his story of how a boyhood dream to swim the English Channel coupled with a successful career as an executive provide insight into real-life issues that all employers and employees face.  

As the CEO of a successful startup company, on August 14th 2013, Anthony also became the 59th person over age 50 to swim the English Channel.  Anthony tells a captivating story of extracting success from failure and how he overcame numerous challenges along the way.

Throughout the presentation, Anthony outlines the most significant moments of the pursuit of his dream while paralleling them to challenges that every individual and team grapples with, such as: How to react when things go wrong; How to overcome doubts and other obstacles; How to accomplish a goal you believe impossible.

Participants will also gain an understanding of the importance of precise communications, implementing an agile plan, taking action, and accepting ownership of results.  Anthony concludes with an inspirational challenge to accept failure, be thankful, and share in success.

The path he took to success can be taught.


Anthony's Recent

Keynote Engagements

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Apogee Technology Seminar
Orlando, FL

I think of Anthony as my “CEO Whisperer”. Anthony has helped me develop the right mindset and processes to execute on behalf of the shareholders and employees


Merion Cricket Club
Haverford, PA

I consider Anthony to be one of the most thorough and responsive individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Seldom do I have the opportunity to work with anyone that has the breadth of consideration and observation when evaluating a situation and how it will impact all levels of an organization.
— Marvin Cadwell / Chief Executive Officer


Healthcare Leadership Network of Delaware Valley
Philadelphia, PA

Anthony has a passion for leadership and coaching. He makes you ask the tough questions of yourself, evaluate the actions you took and project what the response should have been to achieve the desired outcome.
— George Krusen / Chief Financial Officer


The Haverford School
Haverford, PA

As a leader, Anthony is very focused on talent development and future growth strategies. His coaching has instilled a discipline in me to set goals and subsequently plan, evaluate and set priorities to achieve those goals. I would absolutely recommend Anthony.
— TERESA WHALEN / Founder, TRWhalen Group


Siemens ANNUAL GLOBAL MEETINGMunich, Germany

Anthony has shown superhuman persistence and an unbelievable dedication...the way he analyzes and gets to the core of what needs to be done and how he makes sure that all of it is understood and brought into context is exemplary. Experiencing it has been exceptional and I feel honored and lucky that I have met him.
— Martin Klein / Chief Financial Officer

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

My experience working with Anthony has been completely energizing
— Gina Buggy / Director of Athletics


Mid ATLANTIC employer association

King of Prussia, PA

Anthony has made an impact on our organization beyond what I thought a performance improvement coach could do. Working with him has both energized me and organized my approach. He has a unique ability to translate our conversations into courses of action. He’s available whenever I need him and cares deeply about our success.
— Nick Gannon / Deputy Athletic Director
I simply want you to know that in my 40 plus years of sales, and attending countless National Sales Meetings, never have I been so impressed with the message coming from the Speaker retained to “motivate” the sales team.
— Ellis Richardson
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Introducing Our Newest Keynote Speaker

Al Bergonzi


Al is a successful business executive with a wide-variety of skills and expertise. With over 30 years of experience, he has developed strong management skills in both small company entrepreneurial environments as well as larger corporate structures. He has a unique ability to develop a vision and execute that vision throughout an organization and has successfully worked in and managed all aspects of running a business. At McCarley International, Al is responsible for developing the Coaching Division – working with clients and the coaching staff.

Prior to becoming CEO of the info tech division, he was  EVP sales at McKesson, a Fortune 50 company. He developed his sales acumen as the Vice President of Sales for Amherst Associates and HBOC.

Al holds multiple degrees including a BA from University of Massachusetts, AD from Holyoke, BS from University of Massachusetts, and an MBA from University of Massachusetts. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Massachusetts. He resides outside Atlanta, GA